Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Bed time yet??

Is it sleep time yet? Don't you hate it when at 5.50am the alarm cruelly wakes you up....Nooooo I wanted to scream but I wasn't even awake enough for that...I HATE mornings!!!!!

I hasten to add that for a morning shift this is later than normal - thank goodness for school holidays when we start at 7.15am rather than between 6 and 6.45am!!!

I actually don't think I even have the energy to knit.

More shockingly is that despite being giddy all day at work about the thought of arranging the contents of my last stacker box of wool into my lovely new unit; (I also have my needles, knitting looms, boxes of buttons and other such necessities to find a spot in the unit.) I'm too tired to do this :(

I know that if I started to do it I would get frustrated if it didn't fit/look right (I'm gemini and everything has to be just right!!!), then it would ruin the whole fun of I will put some clean pj's on after my shower. Go downstairs and snuggle on the sofa with my doggie and a book...then probably fall asleep!

Shhh don't tell but it's my day off tomorrow!!!

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