Sunday, 14 August 2011

New storage!!!!

Look at my wonderful new storage unit from Ikea normally £129 but I got it for £96.75 - it's on offer this month with the Ikea family card! Really glad I waited to buy it!! Only found out it was on offer the morning we decided to go to Ikea to get it!! It is fantastic!! We built it in an hour yesterday. I then started to fill it with my knitting books, magazines, packs of wool etc!! I have also bought 8 red plastic boxes which go in the unit, I will use these to neatly store my single balls of wool.

Darren commented that it looks like a wool shop in our spare room now - in a good way. Before everything was piled up in a corner or in stacker boxes. I'm soooo excited and happy - it finally feels like my knitting has a proper home and is valued! How sad is that!! I will take a some pics when I have built the flat pack boxes and arranged everything properly.

Go now and buy one - you know you want to|!!!


  1. Darn, I posted a comment & forgot to do that word varification thingy before closing the window!

    I think I was wowing over how large your yarn storage is, mine's only the 4 squares and that's still not full!! :-) Have you got any photos of it set up? x

  2. Thanks Nicole

    I've just finished making the last of the boxes. I cannot get to take any pics yet as the stacker boxes my yarn is in, are piled up in front of the unit! No where else to put these boxes.

    I will finish putting my yarn in the new boxes either this evening or tomorrow and post pics up asap!!


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