Tuesday, 2 August 2011

London Baby!!!

On Saturday Darren and I went to London for the day. We got up early (6am), caught a direct train, which was great cos we usually have to change in Leeds, we got there about 10.15 am. We spent the day with our friend Pete but met up with my brother for the last hour at Kings Cross before leaving at 7.30pm, again on a direct train!

Pete is an FX bloke too so we did the shops for Darren. We stopped for a coffee at Monmouth Coffee which Pete loves. Which I have to admit was beautiful!! The chocolate brownie was to die for...Mmmmm

We had lunch out at a fantastic pub called Waxy O'connors Amazing interior, reminded me of Enid Blyton's Faraway Tree. Food was lovely too!

Rather disturbingly, Pete took us to....M & M's world

 The question is why????

After we had done the shopping thing...we did the tourist thing!!! We headed out for a walk along the Thames.

 I took 61 photos of us in London, Darren filmed far too much!! But the last photo was of me and my baby brother in Kings Cross station!!
We had a great day out, mainly because we were together with a friend and my brother. The weather was perfect too.

Not a strand of wool was found for me to buy, but I did see some very cool horror/sci fi knitting books in Forbidden Planet, which I did resist...I'll check them out online for cheaper prices!! Cheeky aren't I!!!

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