Friday, 26 August 2011

Great News!!!

Some people may know that I am a student social worker - my employer is paying for me to do this with the Open University. Well last March I went off sick with horrific migraines and sickness just a few weeks into my final year - bummer!

Work were unable to let me re-do my final year this year (my social work courses run Jan-Oct) due to ALOT of changes at work and financial situation....To be honest I'd pretty much given up hope of doing it. Let's face's been a while...I'd boxed up my books etc. Dismantled the big table in spare room. Was looking at doing something for me - maybe a history degree or Theology masters...

Then last week I was given some hope. My managers manager rang me. Am I still interested? Of course I said yes I am!!! Some issues still - would I be able to go on placement for 6mths with all the stuff going on at work. Is there the money to split my final year over 2 years as UK uni fees are going up...

My hope was to do the non-placement course in Jan 2012, so I can still be at work. Then go on placement the next Jan. I was also worried that as it's been a while since I did anything - would I be up to speed for the placement - ie being in a fast pace social work team and doing full time uni!! The thought did scare me and screamed FAILURE!!!! this post suggests - GREAT NEWS!!!

I got an email sent to me at work- it had been sent last Friday but it was only cos my supervisor forwarded it to me at home yesterday that I knew about it (we have no office time in hols just busy working with the kids!)

We will support your registration this year to complete one (Non Placement) module which I believe starts in January 2012. The recommendation from the university for each module is to offer 18 days study leave and you will have a further 6 taught sessions at Leeds. This will therefore give you a total of 24 days. As I would suspect the work will become more involved after a couple of taught sessions I would propose that you take one day off per week from March (Inclusive of taught sessions) which will give you sufficient study leave prior to your hand in date around September.

We will then support your final placement specifically in a local Safeguarding team (As previously agreed) of 100 days the following year (2013)."
YIPPEE!!!! I can finish my social work degree!!!! It's gonna mean alot of hard work and catching up with previous work to re-fresh myself but I've got ages til it starts - just checked and the course I'm going for KE312 Working together for children starts beginning of Feb 2012.
Then I'll have from Oct - Jan to prepare for my placement!
Yay!!! I'm so happy I had to share!!!

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