Friday, 19 August 2011

New storage reveal!!!!

So here are the pics of my lurvely new, slightly obsessed with, knitting storage unit! It fits perfectly along the wall - you can just make out the door frame. There is the perfect amount of space on top of it to store boxes with the items I have made....really need to organise a craft fair to sell them!!!

Here are some pics of some of the items....

I have loads of magazines. Files with bought patterns and printed from the internet. Boxes full of gadgets. My knitting looms.

The wool by the light switch - thank goodness it is still accessible, even if now within the unit!!! - is free stuff from magazines.

My knitting books.

Why did I buy the kits here? Cos they were cheap!!! Will I ever make them?? Probably not!!!

A crochet bag with my WIP blanket. More magazines.

Speaks for itself!

Clothes, bags, gloves, hats, scarfs, purses, ipod/mobile phone covers etc that I have made.

Toys that I have made.

More clothes, hats and scarfs.

I did think about taking pics of inside each box too but decided that was a tad excessive...or should I???! Maybe a bit too sad really!! Needless to say they are full of wool. One box has some UFO's.

So I love it.

Have I mentioned that I love it?

My stash has a nice home.

No longer scattered to the four corners of the house.

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!'s still more to squeeze in!


  1. WOW! I love the new stash stash.

  2. Oooooh do take photos of everything! That's if you have time :-) I can't believe how much you have :-D Looking amazing x

  3. Love it lOVE iT love it!! it's every crafter's dream... off to nag hubby hehe

  4. Thank you!! I will definately take more pics of what's in the boxes!!

  5. expedit units are perfect for craft storage! I think Rach had them initially because they are 12x12 square and can fit her big scrapbooking albums into them

  6. Yes I remember! - another reason I chose them was to be able to fit my files with patterns in. I want/need another one though!! :)


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