Saturday, 10 September 2011

Introducing our new family member

So did anyone guess what was in this box??

Well if you guessed a rabbit you were right!!! Well done - slap yourself on the back!
Go straight to the top of the class!!!

So let me introduce you to Sandy. He was up for re-homing at our local Pets At Home shop.
Reason? Too old to be sold.

Too old??? He's only 4 months old!!
But people go looking with their kids for cute and small baby animals.

He's cute though - isn't he? I dare anyone to challenge me on this!! ;)

So can you guess why we called him Sandy?!!

Darren and I were chatting about names this morning. We tend to have names from tv or films.
E.g I had 2 rabbits Bill and Ben, when Ben died and I got another I called him Ted - Bill and Ted!
Get the idea??

But when we had decided we were taking Sandy home and walking round the shop getting things we needed, Darren said we should call him Sandy....guess what name I had literally just been thinking of for him - Sandy of course!!
So Sandy it was and Sandy he will always be!!

His new home already for him

We think he has settled in really well. He's been exploring and jumping on his box.

Lady loves him - I think she's desperate for him to be set free so she can play with him!! I hasten to add that Lady really gets on with rabbits and guineas. She'd get in the runs with them and wash them. She protects them too. We had a friend and her dog stay with us a few months ago and when the dog would charge at the cage or run Lady would chase him off and stand on guard!! Bless her!!

But it's like having kids, we've been fussing over Lady loads and rewarding her for being gentle with Sandy as we don't want her to get jealous and we want him to be relaxed around Lady.

We were going to get 2 rabbits but as Sandy wasn't living with another rabbit and hasn't done for a while, we thought it was kinder to just have him.

My hope is that Sandy and Lady will bond.

When I have him litter trained, I'll let him and Lady together in the kitchen and dining room - they have laminate floors (no carpets to ruin!) and no loose cables or anything he could chew through!

So welcome to the family Sandy!! xx

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