Friday, 2 September 2011


Morning! Darren is happy this morning - definately got that Friday feeling. That's ok of course if you work Mon-Fri...I don't. I work shifts and this includes working every other weekend! Oh well.

Now, I don't usually buy flowers, let alone post pics of them but I bought these a few days ago and as I'm trying to cheer myself up, cos it's Friday and work, I thought I'd post them here!

I was definately in a yellow mood when choosing my flowers. The 3 bunches cos a total of £6, another thing which cheered me up!!

I am obviously used to the cardboard boxes in the dining room as I didn't realise they were still there until uploading my pics!! We seem to live a house of cardboard at the moment. Shall we take it to the recycling centre at the tip - no because in a few days there will be more to take!! Soon there will be nothing but cardboard!

Shame this is rather washed out because of the light behind me and the mirror.

I love the colour intensity of my sunflowers.

And as I was taking pics in the dining room, I decided to take some of our OAP bunny. Bless him Ted does ever so well considering his strokes and being alone after the death of his best friend Becks the guinea pig. They both moved inside a few years ago after Ted had his first stroke, this cage gave him more room as his double hutch was then impossible to move in - he couldn't managed to get between the levels.

Poor guy is struggling to stand up this morning, so I placed his carrot by him and he is busy tucking into it!

Ted is hiding the fact that he has amazing red/pink eyes.

Good news about our Auntie Lena. The surgery went well and she is in little pain - due to the strong pain medication. We are hoping she is well enough to visit tomorrow.

On another happy note, a very good school friend of mine found me on Facebook yesterday. We lost touch when I went off to uni, although I still lived at home, not sure how or why it happened now…anyway after 18 years, we are back in touch. Very stange seeing the face of a 36 year old when I remember her as 18!! I don't really keep in touch with anyone from school. I have a few of them as Facebook friends now. As we all moved off to go to work or uni, we just seemed to separate. Sad really.

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  1. ahh your bunny is gorgeous, he looks like a old boy, pleased to hear your auntie is doing ok x


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