Thursday, 1 September 2011

Say a prayer

Darren's great auntie Lena is 92 years old - Auntie Lena to us all. She is a real darling. She is quick witted, kind, thoughtful, interested in everything going on in her families lives and the world. No one could say a bad thing about her.

She had a nasty fall a few months ago which caused her immense pain. Despite X-rays the hair line fracture of her hip wasn't seen until it snapped quite a while later and her hip broke. She had surgery and was doing really well.

Once discharged home 3 weeks ago, however, she had another fall in her bedroom. Then she had another nasty fall yesterday, resulting in a clean brake of her other hip. She is now in hospital waiting for surgery today. Thank goodness for the Life Line emergency system being in place.

Now let's just say we were not all in agreement about her going home, without adaptations. Especially to an old small mill house - which has been her home since she married and was the house next door to where she grew up. We can understand her wanting to be home but she was still sleeping upstairs and her toilet was upstairs. Now her stairs are so steep and curvy that a stair lift cannot be fitted - so how can she climb them?? They really are horrible stairs. It feels like pressure from certain family who are also preventing other family members from helping her - family who have always visited and done things for Auntie Lena. Who knows what will happen when she is ready to be discharged this time.

My prayers and thoughts are with you this afternoon Auntie Lena that your surgery will be a success xxx

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