Sunday, 25 September 2011

This week

So what have I been up to this week...

On Wednesday I re-joined Slimming World. AhhhHHH!!!! Oh well my own fault. Gotta stick to it cos it does work. I know what I need to do to lose weight  it's about making better choices when I am tired and hungry, it's making food in advance so I can take meals to work or get them out for tea, it's not going for the quick fix of take aways.

I've been busy working, including a double shift on Friday. I was soooo tired afterwards but at least the 2nd shift was great fun - the kids were ace and had fun with the staff too, so that certainly helped!!!

We went to the Leeds Curry festival yesterday. Our new friends Paul and Paula came over from near Liverpool to ours. Not as impressive as I thought it could have been but still pretty good. And yes I was good and stuck to my diet and didn't eat any of it! Being veggie does help sometimes!!!!

Darren certainly enjoyed himself. He got a £5 sample box - with lots of different things to try. After we had been round the art gallery he then went back for another curry -  a new one for him - Goat I know why I'm veggie!!!! Even Darren balked a bit at this one...especially as it had bones in. But he ate it!

Just look at the colour of these cauliflowers!!!

The Goat Curry.....

An amzing statue of Freddie Murcury outside Leeds Train Station showing the We Will Rock You show by Queen and Ben Elton. Of course Darren and Paul had to be photographed with it!

So... what have you been doing this week?

Blogger is really annoying me today as it is not showing pics in the way I want them shown!!!!! But every time I make changes it goes wierd. Top this off with the inability to make changes without logging in to the dashboard every time and it makes Blogger very naughty at times!!! Grrrr

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  1. ah i walked past this trying to get home the other week, then spotted Freddie on the way home from the station, still hoping to make the show, looks like you had fun x


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