Friday, 9 September 2011

What to do when you can't sleep? Start another blanket!!

I was working a waking night shift last night...can't even begin to tell you how tired I was. As well as the obvious looking after the kids during the night, there is basic household jobs to do. I also had 2 reports to write - very important reports. This was my 1st opportunity to do them since before the summer hols as we get no office time in the hols.

So of course last night was the night when I was exhausted before I even started work - not tired - exhausted. From about 2.30am it was all I could do not to fall asleep (which would be a major disciplinary thing to do!). We work by ourselves at night, the 2nd staff member is asleep on-call.

Well when I could no longer focus on reports I tried some knitting. I had literally just finished a jumper before setting off for work - pics will follow when it is made up. I took the pattern with me and some King Cole Riot. I've had this for AGES and never made it. I bought 10 balls at the Harrogate Knitting Show really cheap!!

Has anyone used it? I found it a pain to knit with. It splits. It looses it's shine and looks fluffy. Now I didn't have hot sweaty hands - in fact I was freezing! - so this didn't explain what was happening. I think it doesn't tolerate being handled. Which is such a shame as it's sooooo touchable!

I knitted about 14 rows in rib on 3mm for the waistband and thinking about frogging it....but too tired to make a rational decision.

Anyway...long story short(ish) I couldn't sleep when I got home, only dozed for a bit really. So catching up with blog reading and came across this blog on someone elses blog. Aside from being excited that this new shop is about 20mins drive from me, she mentions someone using this wool for a granny out came a fresh ball and a 4mm hook and here we go....

I loosely based my pattern on Lucy's pattern.

Normally I hate it when you reach inside for the end of the wool and it all pulls out, but this looks so scrummy!! A pile of squiggly colour - just waiting for me to use!

Look at the lovely colours to come

This was me on the sofa with the duvet, bar of chocolate, glass of milk, watching Defiance on dvd and crocheting! Heaven if only I wasn't so tired!!

And this is where it is at the moment. It feels really soft and delicate. The shine hasn't gone and it isn't fluffy. So maybe crocheting with it (less handling) is the way to go. I'll also try using my knitting looms but I'll have to double it up. Despite being a DK it is finer that most DK.

It was hard to keep decent tension because of the delicacy but it adds to the lacey look and feel, as long as the square doesn't go too lopsided I'll be happy.

I feel amazingly awake now - kinda hyper though, so just waiting to crash! Thank goodness for weekend off.

I'm really excited about where we are going and what we're doing tomorrow. Should have (fingers crossed) some good news and new yummy pics for you all tomorrow. Any guesses?

Have a great weekend! x

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  1. I love working with a random mix yarn like the one your using. I think it's going to make some really pretty squares and the overall effect should be lovley.
    Once you're awake it's often best just to get on with something until you're really tired out.I would enjoy a mug of tea but not the milk and chocolate although it sounds so cosy and lovely.


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