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Autumn Loving Hands Challenge

Taken from Loving Hands website and forum:


So here we are - time to launch our new challenges to run from today (19th July) through to Saturday 17th October. I have had some lovely feedback from the last challenges and requests for our next ones so it has been hard to choose again what we will ask you to do but here goes - hope you all approve of my choices :0)

This challenge will once again be in four parts - feel free to do any or all of them or even just continue with items from our wish lists - there is no pressure to do the challenge items if you don’t like challenges :0)

Part 1. We felt that the gents miss out a lot when we are making things - there are not as many patterns for mens garments and we tend to make ladies tops etc so I thought it would be nice to make the men folk our priority for Blythswood this challenge. You could make anything from hats, gloves and socks to jumpers, waistcoats and cardigans. There are lots of nice slipover patterns and I am sure a lot of you are dedicated sock knitters and would love a chance to show us what you can do. I got the idea for this one from our own dear Granny Do who has made some lovely waistcoats which are lined in beautiful silky lining fabric - they are ever so good Do and I know you are going to share your pattern with Suzanne so she can make some too. Stitchers could make waistcoats like Do or maybe fleece fabric could be turned into warm scarves or hats. As you have done so well in this challenge I think you can easily manage 500 items for men in this challenge :0)

Part 2. An old chestnut again but we are sending them out as fast as we get them in these days - we need more boobs girls! As well as keeping Tommee Tippee going for the baby shows and raising lots of money for cancer research we get lots of requests from individual midwives and hospitals as well so this is an ideal chance for the new members to get involved in a ‘boob job’ - you may have seen the amazing fair isle ones done by the St Mary’s Church group the other day so you will see as far as colours are concerned - anything goes. You can still send them in ready to be stuffed and Kelly will happily finish them off at this end. I would love to have 500 of these as well - they are quick and easy to do and with so many new members I am sure we will reach this target no problem :0)

Part 3. Blythswood’s Shoe Boxes. The reason we do the shoe boxes for Blythswood is because they make them for all ages from babies to old folk so nobody misses out. I am not expecting anyone to fill an entire shoebox themselves but if you are sending in other items you could maybe pop in an item or two to be included in the boxes. The ages range from babies, children, teens, men, young woman, older woman. Scotia Aid tell me that Blythswood kindly transport their items to Serbia in exchange for the Scotia Aid team checking their shoe boxes every year. Last year Frances tells me she checked over 2000 boxes and that the age group that were very low in numbers were teenage boys. Hopefully we will manage to fill quite a few for teenage boys this year to help with those targets. The check list of suggested items is below:-

Toiletries (no talcum powder)
Face cloths
Moisturising Cream
Sanitary Products
Shaving Foam/razors

Hat/scarf Gloves/mitts
T shirts/jumpers/pyjamas/shirts etc

New Make Up
Sewing Equipment
Household Candles
Kitchen Utensils
Stationery Pens/pencils/sharpeners
Notepads/colouring books
Small toys
Sweets (no chocolate or any other food - no loose sweets, lollies or undated bags of sweets). Best before date no earlier than March 2010.

Age range.
Baby boy/girl

We will be collecting boxes here and wrapping them in Christmas paper ready to have a packing day closer to the time for collection.

Part 4. Emma at Algerian Action tells me that a lot of children over there have to spend months at a time in hospital and away from their families. Most childrens wards have very little in the way of toys so Emma would like to give them boxes of toys for each ward. She has asked if members could maybe knit, crochet or sew toys for the children to play with. I had a thought that as a team effort we could also make some of the Noahs Ark or Farmyard sets that are available. I know I have the Alan Dart Noahs Ark pattern here and have just ordered the Knitted Farmyard book - we could each make one or two bits from each fo these and get a few ready that way. Other ideas could be topsy turvey dolls, juggling balls, skittles, dolls with clothes you can change etc. Of course there is nothing wrong with a good old fashioned rag doll or teddy bear either. :0) Again I won’t put a number on these - just let us try to give Emma a good selection of toys for the children to play with while they are away from their families.

So there you are girls and guys - your new challenges. I hope none of you are disappointed and that I have given you plenty of choice here. Looking forward to hearing what you all think of these choices. Get those needles clicking and lets make this challenge as good as the last :0)

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  1. What a lovely idea, I've been reading your blog for a little while and have been browsing all evening after reading about the challenges. I really like the sound of the last one, will try and make something to send off.


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