Sunday, 5 July 2009

Stash confessional

Over on the Let's Knit magazine forum, we've been discussing our stash. I posted some pics of mine, so I thought I'd put them on my blog too...

Ok so here are the quick photo versions of my main stash. I also have about a dozen balls downstairs for my blanket and charity knitting.

The 5 balls are the baby wool I have left.

So I didn't have to take the packs out of the big bag (my last Kemps order) I've also put on the invoice so you can see what is in it!! There's 186 balls in there still, I've only used the Sirdar Bonus Chunky black.

Darren will think I've cheated as it doesn't make my stash look as bad this way! Each stacker box is packed full.

I also have 4 stacker boxes of FO's (children's clothes, hats, scarves, gloves, blankets, bags) and 2 extra large boxes of toys - these are for my craft fairs.


  1. Now that is an impressive stash.

  2. Well done for the confession. Mine is about the same size wise but a total shambles and falling out the wardrobe on a daily basis. I may have to post a pick on my blog to shame myself into sorting it all out!

  3. That is an impressive yarn stash, unfortunatly mine is a complete mess and I am ashamed to say that it is in bags at the moment, but I have been meaning to sort through it ( honest)! Thank you for your lovely comment the other day and thank you for visiting!
    Big hugs, Bethxx

  4. lol oh my goodness Liz what fab stash!!lol. I too am a stashaholic lol. Would not dare take pics of mine tho hubby might start to wonder how much it all cost lol luv sue x

  5. goodness me i thought i was bad. nice to see you have what i call normal yarn not just posh yarn that i can never afford! happy knitting!


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