Wednesday, 1 July 2009

July already?

Another month has flown last OU essay is due in by midnight tonight (gulp!!) Then I've until Sept to get my ECA (dissertation) done...then I can do guilt free knitting until it starts again end of next Jan. My final year......I'll be busier too as I'm doing it full time not part time.

Also realised that I've got until the 18th July to send off my contributions to the current Loving Hands Challenge. I'll sort everything out at the weekend. I haven't done as much as I would like to have done but everything counts....must buy stuffing as I need it for Buffalo's teddy and some Teddies for Tragedy.

On the 24th July Darren and I start our 2 week hols. Not going away...determined to get house done. Last 2 summers I've been off with my this makes a nice change! We'll also have days out. We've already booked our tickets to go see Walking with Dinosaurs on 31.7.09 with the family, so it should be a great evening out!! Can't wait!! Check out the site...amazing!!!! We've seen clips on You-tube also...absolutely breath taking. We're off cos it's our neice and nephew's 7th bday in July and he is MAD about dinosaurs...isn't everyone! :)


  1. You gonna walk with dinosaurs, wow!!! That will be such an awesome experience, I just hope you'll be allowed to take photographs, would love love love to see them.

  2. I'm sure you can as we saw people's Youtube footage which made us look at going. Can't wait to go!!! I'll take loads of photos and post them here!


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