Sunday, 26 July 2009

My new crochet bag

So it is my first attempt at the crochet as found here: It's a great pattern...however, I wouldn't recommend starting it whilst tired and doing a night shift...I'd taken DK and a 4mm hook rather than Aran and a 4mm hook. I didn't even notice that the bottom wasn't flat until I started work on it post-work and after I'd done so much I decided to continue anyway. The result is a lovely bright bag with a cone base rather than a flat base. But as it's for me and my wool - we don't care!!! And as you can see, when it's full you wouldn't even know what the base looks like!

So this is the start of a new bag. I'm using DK and 4mm hook still but I added more tbr's into the foundation chain to make it lie far so good!!

Thanks Lucy for a lovely pattern!!!
P.S the photos don't do the colours justice - I've just taken them and it's quite dark. Figured if I didn't do it now...I'd forget especially as we're decorating as of tomorrow!


  1. Excellent! Nice cheery colours.

  2. Looks fabulous Liz, LOVE your colours, that red is really zingy!!

    Incidentally I used a 4mm hook with the aran only cos I didn't have the recommended 5mm hook at the time. It worked out OK though..yours looks fine too, i would never know about The Cone effect if you had not said, i can't see it??!

    Thanks for sharing

  3. Gorgeous bag Liz, love the bright colours. Crochet is the one thing I have never tried your tempting me to give it a go lol luv sue x


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