Monday, 13 July 2009

What I did yesterday in the garden...

Ok so here is the garden so far...this is the area in the back which is our grave yard for old pets...

This was over-run with weeds and needed the gravel leveling out. I also put the fence post back up in front.

Yes I'm waiting for Darren to cut our jungle, I mean lawn!!

Carnations and ivy...

I pulled out weeds and moss from most of the flags stones and scrubbed them down but I couldn't get the ones in front of the garage...stubborn things!! Darren I need you!!!

2 clematus just waiting to climb!!

Sorry about the wierd angle, my neighbour came to her window and I didn't want her to think I was taking her photo!!!

As soon as Charlie saw me coming....

....he posed!!!
I had to scrape out loads of moss and weeds from the round flags and from the gravel, still more to do but I could barely move by this point!!

I'd like another hanging basket frame putting on the other side of the door.

The front looks much more welcoming now!

I've decided we need big plant pots along the fence and one in the top corner, I want the small planters along the drive and the wall, these blend in too much.

I'm chuffed with the look so far but I need more pots and hanging baskets. Darren likes what I've done so far and I think it has inspired him to help me finish it.
Thanks everyone for your advice - it really motivated me to get started!!


  1. That's such a cute place!

    I work at a plant nursery, so I love looking at people's yards :)

  2. Thanks!! I love looking at what other people do with their gardens too...just want mine to start looking nice!! Especially as this is our 1st owned property, always rented before this house...we've been here 3 years now.

  3. Hey your doing it!!!! It is looking good already

  4. I just thought of something... if you don't plan on planting amongst the rocks, to prevent the weeds you could mix in some sort of pre-emergent (found at any local store that carries gardening stuff) to help keep your future maintenance down :)

  5. Thanks Lindsay - I'll look out for some!

  6. That looks beautiful, you have done such a wonderful job, it will be lovely when the plants all start to come out.


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