Thursday, 23 July 2009

My challenge....

I'll be making toys and hats and scarves as usual. I collect for our local shoebox appeal, but this has given me ideas of what to collect.

In fact I rescued some new toys at work yesterday which were going to be thrown out. I also saw that Asda are selling 2 smartprice toothbrushes for 10p and toothpaste for 17p so come pay day I'll start stocking up. If I spent a couple of quid per month, I'll have loads bought!


  1. My goodness, thats cheap! Couple of quid a month will buy you so much!

  2. My sister in law did this for Kirkcaldy Knit Club (we will be putting together shoeboxes for Blythswood) and collected an amazing amount of stuff. i think she surprised herself over the weeks and worked out she had only spent about a tenner!!

  3. Normally I go in nearer the time and get everything - a bit of forward thinking this year I think!!

  4. thanks for the tip- I'll start stocking up now for the shoeboxes!

    ( funnily enough- the word verif under this post is 'bless' !)


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