Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Fly away bird

I'm melting...I'm sure we're due a storm as it's quite dark but roasting outside. Just needs to wait til my duvet cover is dry.

For the last few days I've noticed a scratty looking black bird in our front garden. Doesn't seem to fly. Today my cat (who is renowned for bringing baby birds in), was prowling near it. He did get close enough to attack but just watched as bird backed off. Luckily i've brought Charlie now, just in case. He keeps popping behind my conifer but not flying. Cos of the heat I put out a make shift bird bath...which it started to get into. No sooner had I done that and a magpie came at it. So bird went behind conifer again. I put a 2nd bath out and that made magpie go...left them both out though. Think bird is too scared to come out now.

I hope it's ok and flies away safely.....


  1. Awww, poor scared birdy, you have to adopt it and look after it.

  2. Charlie is out again but just ignoring the bird now. Fingers crossed!


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