Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Facebook anyone??

Ok so I have a Facebook account - hardly ever on there but Darren virtually lives on it.

I much prefer blogging, don't really know why...although as alot of this is about knitting/crocheting not everyone I know would be interested in it.

So my blog is read by my on-line friends and all those out in cyberspace who also join me (big hello to everyone!!!) but Facebook is for my friends....

...but I'm on here daily and rarely on Facebook...does that say anything about me? Or just that I like being able to write what I please on here, in a more diary form and Facebook to me is about getting together at the same time and chatting. Which again is great for Darren as the people he chats to are all over the world!

Or maybe I am just bored and wondering about silly and strange things???!! Feel free to set me straight!! lol


  1. Your post grabbed me because all my real-life friends are on Facebook and virtual-type knit pals are elsewhere. Yet I seem to spend all my time reading blogs or on Ravelry forums. I hardly see my real-life friends yet still dont Facebook regularly...what does this say about me. My friends are boring/Im a crap friend? or knitting people are just more You've opened a can of worms!!!!!

  2. Facebook is still a mystery to me, I have to admit! I find that blogging is all about the creativity, and like-mindedness, which I'm addicted to.
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  3. diff'rent strokes fer diff'rent folks!
    FB seems too much like hardwork to me!


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