Thursday, 6 August 2009

Todays jobs...

We put the mirror up in the lounge yesterday and 'built' the shelf but we didn't have the right screws etc to put the shelf up, so we'll buy them today. When that's up we've finished with all the dusty jobs (I hope!) in the lounge so we can start moving things back in!

What this then means is that I can get to my stash - my poor stash. We ran out of boxes for stuff in the lounge so I used my stash boxes. My stash was thrown into bags and is waiting to be found and put back again....I do like getting it all out and re-organising it, so I'll have something nice to do later today!!

I also want to put old videos and dvd's (we have a big film collection) into the new storage boxes and put them under our bed (we have a super king size bed so lots of room!).

We're also off to the hospital to visit D's dad, who 1 month from retirement has had an accident at work. He has an infection in his arm - he is a welder and hit his thumb twice within a few days. It swelled up after the 2nd time, as did his hand, and the GP sent him to hospital Tues evening for IV antibiotics. We don't know how long he will be in for.

Another busy day - our day out to York keeps getting put back.....


  1. Never a dull moment, eh? Still, you got the sorting of the stash to look forward to, thats definitely a pleasure, not a chore.

  2. you evicted your stash from its boxes??? that's the most shocking thing that I've heard today!

  3. I know - my poor stash!!!


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