Monday, 3 August 2009

Well no Monday blues for me...we went shopping for things for our new look lounge!!!

We need storage for dvd's and our tv etc. Have got a few ideas, just hoped we could find something...but we didn't.

We went to Ikea, amongst many places....hopefully we'll find something soon.

We love our lounge by the way. Managed to chill in it yesterday evening after finally finishing (well almost...just a few bits to do like the doors need doing and rehanging).

My right hand hurt so much from painting etc that I couldn't do any knitting or crochetting last night - although I did have it next to me, just incase!!!

Well now we're home we feel more shattered than when we've been decorating!!!

We did buy some nice things....using vouchers we got for Christmas we bought:

From Argos - Lady's bed (which she lept onto immediately!!) and a new main light for the lounge. (saved us £34.99)

From Next - a lamp which has tall wooden reeds round it (sounds strange I know but lovely!) (saved us £25)

Then we bought a mirror and dried flowers from Asda (£21) and a shelf/brackets (£10.49) from Ikea, to go above the fireplace (we don't have a mantlepiece).

Gonna go make tea now and collapse in a heap.......with my knitting as my hands are the only part of me than can move!!!


  1. As many people as I've seen mention Ikea on their blogs... I have never been :(

    Don't work too hard! You've got to save energy for knitting pretty baby things.

  2. I do miss knitting. It's been over a week since I've had the time and energy!

    Last night we watched Tremors whilsty having tea, then I just fell asleep on the sofa!

  3. Sounds exhausting! But it will be worth all the hard work, won't it!
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  4. decorating is tiring- but the results are worth it!


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