Sunday, 9 August 2009

Last day of our holiday

Where has the time gone?
  • We had a nice 1st weekend: Saturday we went to Leeds and the Royal Armouries; Sunday we went out for lunch and to see Harry Potter.
  • Then started the 7 days of decorating. Had a break and went out on the Friday evening to see Walking with Dinosaurs.
  • Been to Ikea hunting for a tv cabinet.
  • Been round local shops and retail areas looking for tv cabinet.
  • Had a day out in York.
  • Spent the day doing housework (but needed at least 3 days!!!)
  • Today, rightfully a day of rest.....
So...when can I book more hols???

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  1. You seem to have packed an awful lot into your one week. Glad to hear you had a rest day today. So what did you get up to, anything crafty?


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