Friday, 7 August 2009

York - we made it!!

Yep we made it....York we love you!!!!

We had a lovely day. The weather was beautiful and as we didn't have anything specifically to buy we just wandered around.

I did pop into Sheepish and bought a ball of wool for jumper for Buffalo. It's gorgeous, soft and acrylic!!! but ALOT more than I normally pay. It's King Cole Splash £2.99 for 100g DK. It's pale blue but it is a self patterning wool with cream, orange and green (shade 759).

I'm looking forward to making my next item for him with this! Oh and yes I can buy this as I have reduced my stash by a box!!!! Woohoo!!!!

I didn't even realise as everything is in such a mess in our house!! But I shall continue stash busting!!!!

Right, now I'm going to watch a film and crochet more of my bag - seems to be taking a while to do this one.


  1. York is a great place to visit- glad you had a good time.

  2. Yor is a lovely place...I love it. I hope we get to see what your making..I have wanted to see the Yarn 'In action' for a while.

  3. In that case I'll make sure I take regular photos!


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