Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Draft excluders....

I never thought I'd become my grandparents but we need draft excluders...our 2 doors in the lounge needed to be planed but we took off quite alot to go over the carpet, so when they are shut there is a gap of approx 2cm.

I figured that since we need them, I could make them!! It'll use some of my stash (I've got some nice browns and creams to match the room) and be less 'old' looking (I hope!!)

No offence to anyone who has them...I now see the need for them!! Just glad I've plenty of time before we really need them.

SO I guess the question is, do I make plain stripped ones or more funky shaped ones??? Somewhere I think I have a pattern for a dog draft excluder! Thoughts anyone??


  1. If you need them then I can't see any problem with them at all. If it stops you being cold and keeps the fuel bills down. Needs must and all that. I bet they would look lovely in some Cath Kidston type fabric.

  2. Well done you..I just saw a little pic of your alien knits in Lets knit magazine.

  3. Thanks Lou!! I couldn't believe it!! Even though I didn't win it was still kinda cool seeing them in print!!!

    Hi Kerry and thanks for leaving a message! I'll be knitting or crocheting them as I don't sew - bad enough sewing my knitting together!!!

  4. Hi Liz, I laughed when I read your post as I love any draft I can get (menopause-hotflushes!!!)lol. Make them funky and definately stripy, so you can use up any little bits of wool. Congrats on getting your work in print luv sue x


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