Monday, 25 October 2010

Feeling rather pathetic at the moment

I have a cold.

It started last Tues evening.

Darren caught my cold on Thursday - he didn't take it from me and in fact it morphed into man-flu!!!

Been sleep deprived due to the cold, shifts and working nights.

On the upside I have finished my granny stripe blanket!!!! Pics will have to wait for a bit - I'll lay it out on the bed when I change the bedding. It'll look better on our white bedding rather than our coloured bedding!!

I've also designed a very simple crochet purse - I was too poorly and tired to focus on anything and started to make some fingerless gloves. Unfortunately they were not wide enough but realised when I folded it, that I had made a cute little purse!!! So I'll get the pattern written up asap with some pics!


  1. Ah bless you. I had a cold not long ago and I really thought I was going to meet my maker on the first day it broke!! Keep warm, drink a lot and whatever you do or take....don't take Covonia Cough is evil in a bottle!!!

  2. Thanks Silvia!! Everyone seems to have a cold at the moment don't they! Horrible things colds are.

    I tried that Covonia once - and NEVER AGAIN!!!!

  3. I hope you feel better soon. Can't wait to see the pics of your finished projects.


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