Monday, 25 October 2010

Loving Hands Winter Challenge!!

Yes it's that time again!!!

"The first one is to help out a school in Kenya. The Springs of Life School in Nairobi to be exact. This is is a school built with the help of the Rotary Club in Arbroath and fronted by a lovely lady Rotarian called Alison Stedman. We have already been giving Alison a hand by sending her baby cardies for a challenge at another place she is working on (trying to get 1500 baby cardies by Christmas - and I have a box of 200 to send up to her for that sitting here in the office right now!). For the school in this challenge the lady who runs it would like to kit her kids out in uniform so they will not look bad next to the city kids. Her dream is to have the best turned out slum school in Kenya! The kids here live in groups of 12 in houses built by the rotary club - each house has a grandmother (an old lady also rescued by the charity) who takes care of 12 kiddies in her house. They have now also built a school so these children can be educated.

The uniform required is -

Grey trousers (if possible dark gey but not black) for boys and girls
White shirts/blouses
Maroon V-Jumpers
Maroon Beanie Hats
Black shoes/sandals
Games Kit -
white shorts
Red and yellow T-shirts - It will be good if the number of red T-shirts and Yellow is balanced in every class and gender because they are used for group competitions during physical education lessons and brain games.
white long socks for girls, Grey long socks for boys
maroon or black gym bags
black gym shoes

Please Note-
- That if it will be possible we could request Graduation gowns for the pre-schoolers

It would also be great to provide Alison with a supply of day to day clothing and maybe toys for these kiddies too as Ireen intends to get them to change into their school clothes when they get to school and change back into play things when they leave ;0)

The beauty for us with this challenge is that Alison herself is based here in Scotland so we would just need to get these items to her in Arbroath at the end of the challenge and the Rotarians would take them on from there ;0)

Part 2 of the challenge is our old faithful Hats and Balaclavas for the seafaring men. Each year since Loving Hands started we have helped out with this challenge going from 100 the first year to 676 last year! I am sure we will not let them down this year either! This also is a no postage for us challenge as there is a pastor from Apostleship of the Sea in driving distance of Fife who will come and collect them from here when we are ready!"

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