Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Personal stuff

Apologies in advance re post. Just getting my head round stuff.

On Thursday I found out that a work friend of mine had to be put into a coma (she has had on going health problems but was thought to be ok now). Yesterday, we found out that she had died during the night.

She was only in her mid 50's.

Just seems so unfair. Haven't really felt up to doing much since I found out she was in the coma - sort of puts life and any issues you may have into perspective.

I've never really known anyone who's died before like this. Old relatives, residents at the Old Peoples Home, even a disabled child who had health concerns and was never expected to live into full adulthood. But, V is different. She had been ill but was back at work. It seemed sudden when she went off sick again and then into the coma.

Take care of loved ones and make sure they know how you feel about them. Life is too precious.

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