Monday, 5 July 2010

Feeling sleepy...

...I really think that it is unfair that people (by this of course I mean me) should have to start work at 6.30am...especially when they didn't finish until 10.30pm the previous day.

OK so luckily I was also the sleep over person at work, but as night staff didn't stop talking to me til nearly midnight (I kept edging out the door and saying things like "well I'd better get to bed cos it's an early start...") I could've been home in bed by then!! I only have a 45min drive!!

Then it was so hot in the sleep in room, again, that I had to have the window open and traffic is so noisy - despite being in a village!! So I took ages to fall asleep and woke at 5.30am to the delightful squeals of the kid in the room below mine....grrrr!!!!!!!!!!! Luckily this was the first I'd heard of him cos apparently he started about an hour earlier!!

So I finished at 1.30p.m, got home about 2.30pm - slow traffic - but I took Lady out straight away for a walkies in the woods...whilst I had the energy to do it. Darren and I normally take her out when he finishes at 5 but as this is his 1st day back after his hernia operation, I figured he would be pretty exhausted!

Then I did some housework, it's amazing how messy the house gets when I'm away at work for 24hrs!!! Washed some clothes. Had a shower. Picked Darren up from work. Went to Morrisons. Made tea. Now on computer...

My trainers have also just had a's this for embarressment. When I went to bed and took my trainers off, I couldn't believe the smell...luckily I had some body spray, so I sprayed them...however, this just seemed to create a more sickly odour. Today I was convinced I could smell my sweaty trainers whilst wearing them...I joked about it with my colleagues, mainly so they were aware I knew of the smell, in case they could also smell them!! Which let's face it - they must've!!! Yuck a weekend of sweaty feet (I do wear socks) left my trainers almost walking themselves!!! lol Tomorrow I can wear my sandels, as it is team meeting day not child is at our own risk to wear sandels whilst on child care. Personally I don't want to run the risk.

So I'm going to hang out my trainers on the washing line, then get into my pj's and collapse in big heap clutching granny stripe blanket.....

Soon after I'll probably be night night!


  1. Sounds all very busy busy to me!! Oh I remember that 'Trainer smell' only to well!!! And if you can smell it yourself it's time for new trainers never mind washing them lol

  2. They smell lovely and fresh now!!! ;)


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