Thursday, 15 July 2010

So sleepy

Afternoon!! Having done a 13hr shift yesterday - not including 2 hrs to and from work, I am knackered today. To make matters worse, when I got home at 11pm yesterday just able to stand up without falling asleep - Darren announced that he'd reserved some things at Argos for our neice and nephew (their 8th bday on Mon, party on Sun). He'd asked his sis what they'd like and she said money towards going to see a show in Oct - I'm damned if I'm paying towards their pressie to their kids!! Is it just me or is this unfair??? Not like we'd be saying this is from mummy and daddy and me and D!! The kids would never see the cash again!!

So D finally had the guts to look at pressies from us (he does agree with me) but this was yesterday morning before we left for work! So I get home and he says I need to collect the pressies from our local Argos - which to be honest I don't have the energy for but it's ok (despite the weather!!!) BUT I also need to go into the centre of Bradford to get a pressie from another Argos! Well I don't even know where Argos is in Bradford!! we don't go into Bradford much and never been to or seen an Argos!

So, bless him this morning he woke me on his way to work, to say he was walking (I would normally have driven him as I need the car today) and at lunch time he'll ring me for me to collect him and we'll go into Bradford together. He's going to take a longer lunch and make the time up. I'm really greatful as the thought of wandering aimlessly through Bradford just wasn't appealing.

What makes it worse is that due to the hours I've been working I have piles of washing to do, housework to do, animals to clean out, paperwork to go through - all of which needs to be done as I'm working some RIDICULOUS hours from tomorrow until next Weds. Then very long day next Thurs -Fri. The only time I'll be home will literally be to sleep - no exageration whatsoever...Darren is not impresssed. But from next Sat we have 2 weeks off!!!!!

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  1. AWWW!! Bless is bad if you have to work hours like that. You just make sure you get enough time for yourself and for you and Darren


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