Friday, 9 July 2010

Grumpy post

Well I'm in a very emotional and grumpy mood so excuse me venting. Woke up tired and with my poorly head just after 8am I did manage to get bit more sleep but gave up by 10. Anyway after months of suffering this is nothing new. But I'm doing a night shift tonight and try to sleep in and take it easy cos I can't sleep later before work.

So I got up and realised it's bin day and I need to clean animals out. Quick hoover up. Then went for my shower - that always seems to make me feel better. Except today....COS THERE'S NO *@%^$* HOT WATER!!!!!!! Try as I might I couldn't get the boiler to re-start. To top it off the bright sparks who previously owned the house and installed the boiler put it outside the house in a cubby hole, which is actually under the stairs. I have to crawl in as the floor is below ground level. It is filthy and dusty. Boiler wouldn't start. I re-pressurised it. I waited and went back. It did come on but by the time I got upstairs it was off.Grrrrr!!!!! Spent about an hour messing about. Had one false start of trying a cold shower but ahhhh!!!!!

However, in the end I was nearly crying in the cubby hole...too frustrated and head pounding to be bothered to boil water in the kitchen to take I braved it. Initially I just washed my hair in the cold water.....not too bad - thank goodness it's relatively hot today. Then I got in for my shower, telling myself it's just like the seaside and it's always cold to start with but it gets better.....I have news for you...IT DOESN'T GET BETTER!!!!

But, my 10 second shower worked, I feel clean and refreshed.

The postie has been and I can see all 3 of my knitting mags waiting on the mat for me - YIPPEE!!!! I have blogs to read and forums to chat on.

Ahhhh...I feel better now - thanks and feel free to laugh at or ignore this!! lol

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