Tuesday, 27 July 2010

More Granny Striped Blanket!!!

On Sunday we got a fantastic new camera from's an Alba SL1231 reduced from £159.99 to...wait for it....£59.99!!! Unbelievable bargain!!! Absolutely fantastic camera!!!! Our only hesitation with it is that it takes a Li-ion battery and we now want to get a spare as the last thing we want to have happen is be out and have the battery die...which did happen today...I'll post our lovely day out pics later.

But for now check out these lovely scrummy pics of my blankie as taken by our new camera!!! It has really captured the colours...Be warned I did get a bit carried away!!!

...I just love how is looks all crumpled together - so squishy and snuggly... give you an idea of how big it is now...
I love it love it love it!!! But I've got so much more to do. Darren thinks it's nearly done???!!! Is he crazy?? Yes, well no, it's because he feels it's ready in length fo him to snuggle under on the settee (which is my plan for it) but I don't just want a lap blanket...I want to snuggle up from head to toe under it!!!

Oh and to top off what a lovely day we've had (been to Yeadon Tarn for picnic, drive around Yorkshire countryside, visited Studley Royal at Fountains Abbey and then went to Brimham Rocks) I've lost 2 lbs!!!! I've been clinging onto them for the past 2 weeks and finally decided to get rid of them!!! That means folks that I've now lost my first stone!!!! Yippeee!!!! About time as well!


  1. it's always fun having a new toy to play with!

  2. What a wonderful bargain just in time to take that wonderful picture. I am just finishing a ripple blanket and find it so soothing!
    Kindest Regards Linda

  3. Wow! Beautiful Granny stripes!!!


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