Thursday, 1 July 2010

New crochet blanket

So this is my latest project. It is a blanket inspired from Lucy's design at I have tried doing blankets like this before but I could never get them right, so thanks alot Lucy!!! We do love your work!!!

The colours in the photos really aren't the true colours. The greens are brighter, the photos have muted the colours quite alot...shame...and you wouldn't believe how many times I've tried to get the colours right - I give up for now, cos at this rate I'll have finished the blanket before getting the photos I want!!! lol

My blanket started with a 300 st foundation chain...amazingly I have counted right!!! Yippeee!!! I was rather nervous about that....after all that's alot of stitches to rip out, esp after doing a row of dc!!

I then did my first 2 rows of trb in the same colour...

It was at this point that I took photos yesterday but they were all really blurry. So after completing more blanket last night, I have just taken these....the green I am currently working with is actually a really bright green, this looks more aqua for some reason.

So I have alot more to do but it is coming on really quickly. The great thing is I can crochet this without having to think about the stitches as they are just repeats of 3 trb in each space....nice and simple.
And nice and cheap, it is all acrylic from my stash. Balls are all 100g and cost 99p for some and £1.10 for the rest.


  1. wow that looks amazing hun, really neat x

  2. Thanks Rachel and thanks for popping over to my blog!


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