Monday, 12 July 2010

Golden Acre Park

Yesterday we went to Golden Acre Park in Leeds. We had decided to go when chatting about weekend plans on Friday. Saturday was a no-go for plans as I did the night shift on Friday, so should have been sleeping on Sat but I was awake all day!!! Ahhhh!!! I was so tired...but couldn't sleep!! And Darren was doing his special effects in York all day.

So Sunday was OUR day. A picnic and lovely walk with Lady. We woke up to a miserable looking day, strong wind, heavy black clouds, interspersed with some white fluffy ones and a touch of blue sky. But it wasn't raining. In fact as it was cooler it would make for a nice walking day. We realised we didn't have much in the way of picnic food, so on-route we went to Marks and Spencers (aren't their sarnies lovely!!!). Then off we went. It's only about 20mins away in the car from our house - strangely most of the drive is my route to work - not good on your day off!!! lol

I'm so glad we went as it got brighter and the wind wasn't as strong and kept us cool. So first stop was a wooded area to let Lady burn off her energy. She then had a paddle and a swim. Then picnic time - I had to fasten Lady to a bench as she kept wanting to swim and chase squirrels!!

I took a few pics - had thought I'd taken more, but I guess we just enjoyed ourselves too much!!!

Daft dog I said go find a stick to her....
Sat not so patiently whilst we ate (you can just see her scar near her eye). Strangely once food came out she was more settled!!!
The view of the lake whilst we ate - not great photos.
We spotted this tree on our walk and loved it. It's been chopped back and looks pretty much dead but there's just something about it...
It was lovely to be out and about. We then finished our walk by having a double scoop 99 ice cream - yummy. We ate them too quickly to take pics as they were melting!!!! Sun was out by the time we got to the car! lol


  1. Lovely!! Sometimes that is all you need. A simple walk and picnic just enough to re charge the Batteries....lovely Pictures as well and I love Lady, she is pretty:)

  2. There's nothing quite like a doggy enjoying herself is there? I went and bought a copy of Lets Knit and had a look, so exciting, thank you for alerting me, very exciting indeed! Love Vanessa xxx


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