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Loving Hands Autumn Challenge

The new Loving Hands challenge runs from 25th July to 23rd October 2010. I haven't sent anything in for the last 2 challenges so I have plenty to send for this one...I hope!!

So here is Lou's challenge:

"I have decided that this will be a 3 part challenge this time - hopefully you will all approve of what I have found ;0)

1. The first part of this challenge will be thanks to our dear Dot. A couple of months back I was reading a great book - one of those true story paperbacks that make you cry all the way through. It was called ‘Street Kid’ and was by a lady called Judy Westwater. The morning after I finished reading it I got a parcel from Dot and in it was a note with a newspaper cutting from the Inverness paper. It was an article about an Inverness lady knitting jumpers for children in Africa - these items were being taken to Africa and being distributed by …….. Judy Westwater - the author of the book I had just finished reading. This had to be an omen - Judy has set up a trust for street kids in Africa called the Pegasus Trust - I contacted her and here is her reply …….

Hello Lou,

Thank you so much for contacting me and thank you also for reading my book. (Which I assume was 'Street Kid' my first book?) I am hopeful that by the sale of my books they will bring about a far greater worldwide awareness as to the desperate plight all our street children continue to face on a daily basis.

Thank you for offering to help our children with delightful knitted goodies. Our children are always so delighted to receive knitted goodies and to know that they have been made especially for them, new and warm thrills them no end.

We take care of children from birth onward. We have shelters for kiddies from birth to six years, and then from six to eighteen, and then from eighteen to twenty four years old. So a huge range of sizes. For our under six shelter all goodies that you have mentioned would be amazing as they do love soft toys, blankets or any item you are happy to make everything would be totally embraced by them. They have never had anything new and they cannot believe that someone from so far away would care enough about them to make something especially for them.

Our kids from six years to eighteen would be thrilled with school jerseys and cardigans in school colours. For a child in South Africa they cannot attend school unless they have the full uniform and many times during winter they do not have warm clothing. They would love anything to wear that is knitted, crocheted or sewn. South African kids love knitwear. The older kids would be the same, for them socks would be fabulous as well as jerseys.

Hope I have given you an insight. But believe me it would not matter what you sent for this every item would be so very much appreciated.

Thank you for your very kind offer. Should you wish to see our clips from my latest visit to South Africa please type in Judy Westwater S.T.V.News and see the latest Scottish news broadcast.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Till then do take care

Very best wishes

Judy Westwater

I think you will all agree that this is a very worthwhile charity for us to help and as Judy has said these kids will be happy with anything we make for them - the great thing on our side also is that Judy lives in Inverness now so I will have a great excuse to meet up with Dot and Ron when I go up to deliver our end of challenge items to Judy ;0) For this I think we can make clothing for all ages, toys, blankets, school jumpers and cardies etc. If any of you have good quality school skirts, shirts, trousers or shorts we could put those in too - lots to choose from! Our stitchers can make kids clothing , toys, quilts etc as well to add to the mix.

2. The second part of our challenge is all thanks to our friend Tricia who runs the Teddies for Tragedies site. She has been in touch asking for our help to get 1,200 teddies complete with bags to help out her causes. She needs 1000 for street kids in Cambodia and 200 for Orphans in Uganda. Once again the addresses for us to get them to are in the UK so no overseas postage for us. Knitters and Crocheters can make the bears and the stitchers can make the bags.

3. Part three of the challenge will be for our shoeboxes for Blythswood Care - the usual items and fillings for these. I have been keeping all of the shoeboxes that come in here this year so the attic is stuffed with them ready to be wrapped and filled again for this winter. "

Certainly worth while checking out Judy's site at There is a video of her work and an interview as shown on This Morning.

I've got some Teddies waiting to be stuffed already. I'm going to make some school jumpers, blankets and other goodies for the Pegasus Trust. I've probably got quite a few things made already that can be used. I already support the local Samaritan's Purse shoebox appeal so I won't be doing the 3rd challenge.

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