Thursday, 1 July 2010

I feel like a time traveller....

....cos another month has gone by!

Is it just me or is this year flying by??

I was saying to someone at work yesterday that the 3mths I was off sick seemed to go REALLY fast and the month I had been back at work had gone even faster!!

I hadn't even realised it was PAY DAY!!!! There must be a time travelling vortex or something cos I never don't know when it's pay day - I'm sure we all count days to that day of the month!!!

I'm feeling abit wobbly today with my head - it doesn't seem to know whether or not it's going to be a headache, so I'm going to have a lazy day.

I've got some photos of my latest project to put on...did start doing this yesterday before work but some of the photos weren't very good, so I'll take some more today.

Have a good month everyone!

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