Saturday, 3 July 2010

No work today!!!

Afternoon! So what is everyone doing this weekend??

I'm going to give the house a hoover and do some washing but other than that I can't be bothered. I'm so tired...didn't make it to bed at work til nearly 1am. So no crocheting in bed. Then woke when kids woke up at 7am (luckily I didn't hear them through the night - dsepite them being noisy....apparently!) I got up just after 7 (couldn't really go back to sleep at work at that time) and came home.

Then we had coffee in bed; a nice long walkies in the woods, meeting lots of dogs; out for breakfast - Darren had a fry up, but I had scrambled eggs and beans on toast (I've lost another 2lbs this week - 10lbs in 4 weeks!!!)

Quick dash into Wilkinsons...where I treated myself (again!!!) to 14 balls of acrylic for my blanket....they've put the price up to £1.17 for 100g - cheeky blighters! I'm not sure how much I will need but I can easily get more of the colours if I need them and if I don't they are great for toys.

My dad sent me this photo this's an ice cream shop in Knaresborough....the question he asked me was..which ice cream do you think Cassie chose? (Cassie is his dog!) SO I'm thinking...he gave her an ice cream???? Then as I looked carefully....

Better not let Lady know about this place!!!

Right get hoovering Liz.....


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  1. HIya Liz
    Just read your comment on my blog re colouring up your outdoor space...I've used Cuprinol garden shades before before and it's fab, the blues are especially lovely, as is the Seagrass colour...
    You should be able to find it in B&Q??
    Have fun :o)
    ps glad you're enjoying the granny stripes, fab aren't they? xx


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