Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Just another day

Morning!!! Ok so have you noticed anything different about my weight loss tracker??? No???!!! Well then let me tell you my good news this morning - I've lost another 2lbs this week!!!! I'm so giddy!!!!!! Yippeee!!!! Ok so I've still got LOADS more to lose but I'm really chuffed with my progress!!!

However, I'm BORED of salads and stir fry's. Gotta love em as they have REALLY helped kick start my diet (12lbs in 5 weeks!) but I need other food now. Problem is that when it is so hot who wants anything cooked?? It seems a bit cooler today so I'm going to make Shepherd's Pie (obviously veggie for me and meat for Darren). This'll be healthy if I remove the milk and butter from my mash.

One thing about dieting that I hate is having to portion control - I don't eat big portions typically but when a diet calls for you to eat less, you just seem to battle against hunger. Slimming World is great cos you can eat as much as you want of certain foods, so you don't have the hunger factor.

Anyway - enough taking about food and diets!! I have a day off today!!! Since going back to work at the beg of June I've been on a phased return and I've not even worked 2 days together. As of this week I'm back to my normal full time hours. I worked Sunday last week. Then Mon and Tues this week. So I've just done 3 days together which has hit me quite hard! Daft isn't it when I can have 6 days on and then 1 day off as part of my rota!! But I had a sleep in this morning - was woken about 30mins by work ringing asking me to swap shifts on Fri.

Gonna do a quick tidy up in the house, clean out Ted and Becks (rabbit and guinea pig), I'd normally put them out in their run but to me it looks dark and gloomy. Then again the curtains are still closed!!! Then a day of t'internet and knitting/crochetting!! Can't be bad! Oh and I need to take pics of my WIP and for some free patterns to go on here. My chill out day is getting busier and busier!

Have a great day everyone!!

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